1) All the refunds will be processed formally. A formal email request is needed to initiate a refund process.

2) If the student decides to drop-out 3-business days prior to the first session (beginning of the course), we will issue a refund.

3) When a student decides to drop out before 2 or less business days prior to the course commencement, we will issue a partial refund deducting the costs incurred such as Paypal-convenience fee, course material costs, shipping and handling costs, PMP application costs etc will be refunded a maximum of 75% of the fee paid.

3) All the payments received via paypal/creditcard/debitcards would be subjected to a paypal-convenience fee of $92.

4) Students who like to drop-out of our “Premium” course would be subjected to a $200 application-support fee in addition to other applicable deductions.

5) If the student drops out after our first session, there will be no refund issued. However, the student gets a credit which can be used to re-enroll within next six months period. The credit can not be transferred to others.

For all other questions and concerns please consult our management.